Medicare Advantage plans – Are they good?

Take a note that Medical Supplement Plans do not operate with Medicare Advantage Plans. In case you want change from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan, you will need to skip out on your Medicare Supplement plan because in that case you will be paying for all the benefits which covers the Medicare Advantage plan. If you are not confirmed whether you want to switch to Original Medicare plan or not, then you may need to know that it might get tough to switch back to the normal Medical Supplement plan in case you suffer from any health issues and also don’t own a guaranteed-issue rights.

In case to change to the Medicare Advantage (also referred to as the Medicare Part C) and want to change back to the Original Medical in the upcoming period, you may require to purchase the Medicare Supplement policy within the few conditions. In that case you need to be eligible for the “trial rights”. Find Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 at

The Trial Rights

medicare advantage plans 2019Trial rights will ensure you to get hold of a Medicare Advantage plan at least for a time period of one year because in that case you will be enrolling for the Medicare Part C for the very first time. In case you’re not comfortable for the Medicare Supplement plan you can switch back to your Original Medicare Plan even in the first 12 months. Then, if you had to quit the plan of getting into the Medicare Supplement plan, you can even apply for the same policy you earlier had if the offer is still valid by the insurance company to the company to which you were associated to it earlier. If the Medicare Supplement plan doesn’t hold valid any longer, you can try out special trial rights such as Plan A, B, C, F, K and L based on the plans that the insurance company has to offer it. You can even opt for a new Medicare Supplement policy for it to become valid in the same period when the Medicare Advantage coverage is about to end to neglect such coverages. Before the Medicare Advantage coverage ends, you can apply before a time period of 60 days. Even after the 63 days of the expiry of the plan, you can apply for one.

You can buy the Medicare Supplement policies in various other conditions. Some of the examples are presented here below:

  • The Medicare Advantage plan skips out Medicare.
  • The Medicare Advantage plan ceases to offer any service in your locality.
  • You skip out the terms and conditions provided by the Medicare Advantage